Adrienne Schnabel


Daniel Burnham

Wedding Party

Erika Wertz

Matron of Honor

Erika is Adrienne's sister. We have always been best friends and she has been by my side throughout my entire life. She is a fantastic mother to Colette and Carrick, our neice and nephew. I couldn't imagine our wedding day without her there.

Rebecca Humphrey

matron of honor

Rebecca has been Adrienne's best friend since seventh grade. We went to school together but became best friends through Girl Scouts. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is married to her husband Austen and together they have a beautiful daughter, Laurel. I definitely need her by my side on our big day.

Michael Wertz


Daniel has known Michael for four years. Since that time, he has become a trusted friend. They've spent several hours enjoying and agonizing over Panthers football games. Michael is the husband of Erika Wertz, co-maid of honor and Adrienne's sister, and a loving father to Carrick and Colette.

Becky Gendron


Becky is Daniel's older sister, so she has literally had to put up with him for his entire life. She is a great friend and has always been supportive of her little brother. She is married to her husband, Tony, and lives in Upton, Massachusetts.

Matthew Gamble


Matthew is Adrienne's cousin and a very close friend of ours. He lives in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and we share a love of music and nature. We couldn't think of anyone more perfect to marry us.

Ronald Schnabel

Flower Ring Boy Carrier

Ronald is our nephew and son of Ian and Sidney Schnabel, Adrienne's brother and sister in-law. Ronald is a smart and creative young man with a very big personality. We've always been in awe of his cleverness and imagination.

Colette Wertz

Flower Ring Girl Carrier

Colette is our niece and is the daughter of Michael and Erika. She is full of energy and life, and is an intelligent young lady too. Colette will be the life of the party, at least until her bedtime. We love watching her mature and grow into being a fantastic kid.

Carrick Wertz

Flower Ring Boy Carrier

Carrick is our nephew and is the son of Michael and Erika. Carrick is a sweet and funny little guy. He loves his aunt and uncle almost as much as he loves candy. We love watching him learn and discover the world around him.


Honorary Flower Girl

Droppie is the furriest member of our wedding party, and we're thrilled to have her as an honorary flower girl. She loves eating, napping, eating, cuddling, and eating. Unfortunately, Droppie will not be in attendance due to her very busy schedule.
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